The Vjesci: A Canadian Vampire, Eh?!

Author Lyn Gibson

imagesCAA379XO        The Vjesci, also known as the Vjeszczi or Vjescey, is a Vampire from Polish folklore.   Much like the European Vampire, The Vjesci retained their mortal characteristics and blended well within society.  Legends indicate that humans were destined to become Vjesci at birth if born with teeth or a more common condition, ‘cradle cap”.  If the child was born with a cap, the mother could protect the child by drying the cradle cap, grinding it into a fine dust and retaining it until the child’s 7th birthday; when she would feed it to him to ward off curse.

The Vjesci have many common ties with Vampire legends from other cultures; They are undead, they awaken at midnight and they feed on humans.  It is said that in order to detain the Vjesci, Villagers would throw a net into his coffin as he could not rise until untying all of…

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The Adrian Trilogy, 4th of July Discount, 25% Off

The Adrian Trilogy 4th of July Discount

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poster finalThings are shaping up nicely for the upcoming launch party!  June 27th promises to be an exciting night for Tangipahoa Parish!  Lyn Gibson’s “Short & Gory” Launch party is the first of it’s kind for the area. 

Ticket price of $25.00 covers dinner and drinks with emerging horror author Lyn Gibson; attendees will also receive a free copy of “Short & Gory” (Copies of the Adrian Trilogy will also be on hand!)  Author Lyn Gibson has plenty of surprises planned for her fans as well!

Don’t miss out, get your tickets soon this is a private event and seating is limited!

Tune in to Triple UUU 98.9 fm on Wednesday mornings between 8-10 for updates on the event as well as early a.m. antics with DJ TC Elliot and Author Lyn Gibson!


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Author Lyn Gibson presents: “This day in Horror History” – June 10th

Born on this day in 1962: Gina Gershon, Best known for her roles in “VooDoo Dawn” and “Demonlover”

Died this day in 1996: Jo Van Fleet, Best known for her roles in “Satan’s School for Girls” and her roles in “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” – “Thriller” and “Inner Sanctum”  Jo was 81.

Notable Horror Films released on this day:

1944: The Invisible Man’s Revenge

1989: Damien:  The Omen II

1993: Witchcraft V: Dance with the Devil

On this day in Horror History in 1692: The Salem Witch Trials began with the hanging of Bridget Bishop on Gallows Hill just outside of Salem for “certain detestable Arts called witchcraft and Sorceries”.  Bridget was found guilty by a special court that convened in Salem where she desperately professed her undying innocence of the charges.  Thirteen more women and five men would follow her to the hanging gallows and one additional man was sentenced to death by crushing.  Most of these had been condemned on the basis of “witnesses” behavior during the actual proceedings characterized by fits and hallucinations that were argued to have been brought on by the defendants that were on trial.

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Get your “Gore” on!

poster final   Coming to Independence LA on June 27th, Author Lyn Gibson invites you to join her in celebration of “The Adrian Trilogy” and the official launch of “Short & Gory”!

Tickets are available at Rizzo’s and Linda’s Toybox of Hammond or message Ms. Gibson on her fan page for advanced purchase.  This is a private event and seating is limited; we are  expecting to sell out soon!



Ticket price includes dinner and drinks and a free copy of Lyn’s latest release “Short & Gory”.

Fans can enjoy an evening with Tangi’s top selling horror Author and at the end of the event, could win one of several awesomely twisted prizes!  Make plans to attend now, get your tickets and spread the word; there has never been an event like this in Tangipahoa!

Ms. Gibson would also like to thank the first round of event sponsors to include:  Carlos Notriano for Parish President, Southern Solar, PCI and Linda’s Toybox as well as several “silent” sponsors!


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