Sekhmet – Egyptian Vampire Queen

sekhmet   Sekhmet was know in ancient Egypt as a fierce warrior goddess, the healer, the hunter and the protector of the Pharaohs.  Her following was so dominant throughout the land that the Pharaoh Amenhemhat I moved the capital of Egypt to Itjtawy.  Itjtawy would erect an enormous temple in the name of Sekhmet where various holidays, rituals and daily sacrifices would be held in her honor.  The city was said to have had thousands of statues erected in her honor as well over 700 in one funerary temple alone.

According to writings found in the tomb of Seti, Sekhmet was said to be the daughter of Ra,  An ancient legend tells of the end of Ra’s rule on earth.  Ra sends Sekhmet to destroy all humans that had conspired against him.  The legend states that Sekhmet’s blood lust had not been sated by the end of the battle, her thirst drove her to nearly destroying the human race.  Ra poured out beer laced with red ochre so that it would appear as blood.  Sekhmet drank the laced beer and became so drunk that she abandoned her murderous spree peacefully and returned to Ra.  After this Ra would refer to her as “The one who comes in peace” naming a holiday in her honor, “The Festival of intoxication”.   Sekhmet would now also be known as the protector of the undead, a ruler of the underworld.

Both the living and the undead sought her affections and would vie for the position of initiate at her temple.  Candidates were tested brutally, they would endure the ritual of death while facing the demons that awaited them in the underworld.  Those that did not succeed in overcoming their fears, if they survived, were disqualified.  Those that were successful moved on to become Sekhmet’s priests and priestesses which were considered extremely powerful.  Sekhmet’s clergy were known to posses great powers as both physicians and practitioners of the dark arts, having the ability to command and destroy demons.

Egyptian demons were separated into two groups, one that served Sekhmet and the other that were of the underworld.  Sekhmets’ demons were dispatched upon the land as avengers of those guilty of wrong doing, with them they would bring disease, chaos and pestilence to punish the evil doers.

Menes – The Vampire Pharaoh

menes       The child king Menes was said to have been the first of many pharaohs that were known to be incarnations of a different Egyptian Gods.  Haro, mother of Menes claimed that he was the offspring of Anubis – God of the Dead.  Much secrecy surrounded the youth as he was no presented before his subjects until age six.  Suspected of having been an evil Diety, Menes was not accepted by his court or his subjects, though shunned by his kingdom, Menes led a blood-filled reign in the name of building the Egyptian Empire, thus dubbing him with the credit of having founded the first dynasty.  Not many archeological artifacts remain of his sixty two year rule, the ones that have been recovered depict Menes as a demon.  One relic in particular, a ivory label for Naqada bears several glyphs that state Menes as the “arisen” pharaoh.  During his fierce reign, Menes ordered the sacrifice of the first born son of each of his subjects’ households, some say inspiring the Christian legend of King Herod.

In 1908 the Bartholomew Museum of Antiquities sold off several lots of it’s esoteric items to finance the addition of a new wing.  Amongst these items was half of  the mummy of Menes, complete with fangs.  Though most legends indicate that Menes was a child ruler, they also indicate that he reigned for sixty years.  Forensic investigation reveals that the body was that of a man that was beyond 100 years in age when he was mummified.

Haro had bred with Erobis to create the vampire child Menes with the aspiration of vampires having taken over the city of Egypt.  the plan failed, the court of Menes formed and uprising and slaughtered Menes upon him having gorged himself with the blood of his subjects.  Menes body was cut in half, leaving his organs intact in order for him to proceed into the gates of the underworld where he would soon rise again as Meni, ruler of Abydos.

Vampires in Ancient Egypt

325px-Aten_disk-268x300      Vampires were highly respected in the Ancient Egyptian society, many of them having become rulers.  The ancient vampire having a pure blood line, were a fierce and powerful breed and were regarded as Gods in these times.

One of the most revered vampires from this era was Osiris.  He and his brother Set, born unto vampire, were abandoned by their parents.  Set and Osiris were raised by a family that practiced the dark arts.  The surrogate parents and their daughters, Isis and Nephtus, trained the two brothers well in the arts.  Osiris would become king and marry Isis.  He would use his knowledge of the arts aand his power as a Vampire to teach his people how to work the land.  Egypt was on it’s way to becoming the legendary metropolis that it was it that time.  As Egypt continued to grow in wealth and population Set became jealous of Osiris and his stature throughout the land.  Set continued to nurse his rage and began to feed on humans, building an army of minions to help him overthrow Osiris so that he may take the throne.  When the time came, Set and his children murdered Osiris, immediately promoting himself as Pharaoh.

Horus, the son of Isis and Osiris was associated with a powerful sorcerer known at that time as Ra.  Enraged by the actions of his uncle, Horus went to the sorcerer and had him place a curse on Set and his children; They would never walk in the daylight again lest they be destroyed.  In the meanwhile, Isis in her grief, had been vigilantly searching for a way to bring Osiris back from the dead.  Having turned to the book of the dead, she found success and retrieved Osiris from the netherworld but could not break the ties as he was now forever bound to the world of the dead.  Legend states that this is when Osiris earned the title “Lord of the Underworld” later to be known as Hades.

Osiris or Hades, having ties to the underworld would allow for his bloodline to have access to knowledge and abilities that were unobtainable by humans.  It is suggested that this is when the inherited traits of psychic and telekinetic abilities were obtained throughout the Vampire race.