What are you planning for 2015?

MOON1     With the recent release of “Adrian’s Legacy” my dream of seeing the Adrian Trilogy series in its’ entirety in print has materialized!  The Vampire Nation is growing in leaps and bounds with new fans and followers on every continent!  2015 is destined to be a stellar year for Adrian Trilogy fans as events and appearances are being scheduled for the upcoming months.  Exciting new developments and announcements are upcoming as well!

So, with the Trilogys’ completion there should be plenty of time for rest and relaxation right?  NO WAY!! No rest for the wicked!  Bloodshed and demons lie just beyond the horizon.  The Adrian Trilogy will no doubt have an awesome year as it will soon be joined by a PG-13 release intended for the under-aged and still uncorrupted younglings who have a taste for the macabre!  Already in manuscript format, this new release is a great read for anyone aged 13 and up.  Stay tuned for information on availability in the near future.

A fifth manuscript is underway!  No spoilers on this one, though I will drop a tasty tease:

When they turned themselves against men, in order to devour them; and began to injure birds, beasts, reptiles, and fishes, to eat their flesh one after another, and to drink their blood. The Book of Enoch Chapter 7:13-14.

Have no fear horror aficionados, 2015 will be an exciting year!


Happy New Year!









Author Lyn Gibson

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DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. releases “Adrian’s Legacy,” by Lyn Gibson of Independence Louisiana

Visit DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. for deepest pocket discounts.

Visit DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. for deepest pocket discounts.

“The Adrian Trilogy” third and final volume is available for readers. “Adrian’s Legacy,” by horror author Lyn Gibson has just been released by DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C.

Founder-CEO and President of DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C, Ms. D. L. Quesinberry states, “Lyn Gibson’s latest title in “The Adrian Trilogy” not only continues the course of “To Be His Soulmate” and “Adrian’s Fury” . . . it goes there and beyond. “Adrian’s Legacy” is a no holds barred Vampire Nation festival rich in trysts, fang-mania and the natural accolades of the bloodsucking creatures we’ve grown to love. Adrian seizes the moment in this volume while holding true to her past with Christian and working to achieve equitable solutions for her’s and humankind. Certainly, this title stands independent of the first two volumes; however, a true horror aficionado will want to read all three volumes.”

From the author:
“Having always had an insatiable thirst for knowledge of the darker things in life, I have always been intrigued by Vampire folklore and legends. Today, however, the Vampire has been consistently depicted as a more ‘sociably acceptable’ being with little reflection of the passionate yet malevolent creatures that have been immortalized in history and legend.

“‘The Adrian Trilogy’ represents my effort to resurrect the true fierceness of the vampires of old. Today’s fan base has become unenthused with recent releases that meekly pawn a domesticated and sparkly day walker off as a mighty immortal.

“Based in Southern Louisiana, ‘The Adrian Trilogy’ intertwines history and legend into a modern story line with a cast of characters that will consume the reader. Fans are found not wanting after having read the first two volumes of the Trilogy. Word of warning; the series is intended for readers over the age of 18 as there is adult content and extreme violence throughout.

“‘The Adrian Trilogy’ series is becoming realized as the newest vampire revolution. Ms. Gibson has amassed a fan base that spans the globe as her writing has been compared to Anne Rice. There is a new master of horror on the horizon! “The Adrian Trilogy” has appeared in press both in print and online accompanied by radio and talk show interviews throughout the United States. Ms. Gibson has been dubbed with the title of Vampire Historian and has made many appearances since the launch of the series in late 2013.

“With ‘The Adrian Trilogy’ now released in its’ entirety, the world is eagerly awaiting to see what Ms. Gibson has in store for us next!”

Visit DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. to order a copy of “Adrian’s Legacy” to get the complete set of all three titles and/or to also purchase “To Be His Soulmate” and “Adrian’s Fury” – volumes I and II of the trilogy.

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DonnaInk Pulications Author Lyn Gibson interviewed by the Examiner

8aecc1aae8086fbecbc1715f893b576fSouthern author/vampire

historian Lyn Seal Gibson

shares dark side of romance


When author Lyn Seal Gibson enters a room, she draws attention without saying a word. Her striking cotton white hair and pale eyes assure those watching that she is someone of note. Once she is revealed as the author of the vampire horror novels To Be His Soulmate and Adrian’s Fury, her domination of the room is complete.

Gibson has been writing since childhood, when her dark poetry caused the adults around her to wonder about her spooky, eerie fantasies. Since then, she’s grown into a woman of many interests, including a talent for writing supernatural romances. She began writing her first book in her early twenties, but “life just got in the way,” she says. Her serious journey into writing began in 2012.

“I put my foot down and said ‘This has been in my mind long enough now. I have to get it out.’” With fervent dedication, she wrote every night after 9 p.m. until she got the first book finished. Now she’s dealing with multiple story ideas and working on her fifth and sixth books.

As she works, she switches between the books when she gets stuck on one. “It’ll just come to you when you stop thinking about it,” she chuckles. “The answer will come to you as to what’s supposed to happen next.”

Her third book, the conclusion of the Adrian Trilogy, is due out in December, in time for Christmas giving if all goes according to plan. Number four is a PG-13 novel, a solution to a dilemma she’s encountered at events. Her initial novels are adult fare, erotic supernatural tales geared toward mature readers. The titles and cover art, however, attract younger readers enamored with the Twilight series.

“I won’t sell my books to anyone under 18,” she says, citing their erotic content. So her fourth book will cater to those readers thirteen and over who enjoy horror, and will also appeal to adults.

Gibson credits Anne Rice and William Peter Blatty, among others, with inspiring her interest in writing horror. She credits her husband with motivating her by allowing her the freedom to write as she desires, without restraint or censure.

The Deep South holds many secrets, and the moss-draped oaks shroud mysteries of many kinds. For Gibson, the challenge comes in sharing the darker stories of the area with accuracy and she has become renowned as a vampire historian. She’ll be delivering her brand of Southern horror at Spooky Empire in Orlando, October 24-26, 2014, as she signs copies of her first two books and whets appetites for the third one.

To Be His Soulmate and Adrian’s Fury by Lyn Seal Gibson

Published by DonnaInk Publications, LLC

Tangi Lifestyles reviews Lyn Gibsons’ “To Be His Soulmate”

Slide1To be His Soulmate

a novel by local writer Lyn Gibson

review by Sarah Tindall


  Steamy, Steamy!


Ladies, if you want something to keep you warm while the weather (finally) cools off, I’ve got just the book for you.  Local writer Lyn Gibson has conjured up a love story that has all the trappings of a sultry romance novel- oh and vampires!

That’s right.  To Be His Soulmate is set in Tangipahoa Parish. but the setting also includes New Orleans, France, Los Angeles and even the east coast.  In it, a working gal named Adrian finds her life upended when she finds herself bemused by a stranger on a work trip to the Big Easy.  Later, over dinner, he tells her his story-and she is amazed to discover that it is her story too.

She met him in a past life, and the two were star-crossed lovers-but as a result of her tragic, untimely death, he is made vampire and has spent centuries amassing an empire in the dark and waiting to find her again.

It’s the stuff romance novels are made of, but it’s fun that this one is set in our backyard.  The characters are appealing, and the story is not predictable.  The book begins a trilogy- its antecedents are Adrian’s Fury and Adrian’s Legacy, so it would be fun if you love this book to read the next two in the series to see how things turn out for these two soul mates.

fave   Word of warning-this is not meant for young readers.  The love scenes are graphic and plentiful (Think 50 Shades of Gray) but as long as you’re ready for that it is a story that will haunt you until you finish it.  It’s great to know that Gibson has turned her hand to writing after a successful career in real estate.  These novels are an interesting read and use South Louisiana as their backdrop – think towering oaks and trips to visit the Voodoo priestess-with sprinklings of private jet trips to the south of France and other interesting spots along the East and West coasts.

  To Be His Soulmate is a fun read, it will take you on flights of fantasy and keep you turning the pages, eagerly anticipating what will happen next for this dynamic duo.



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Ambrogio: A Greek Vampire origination theory . . .

"Adrian's Fury" available now!

Visit the Publisher, DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. for deep pocket discounts and an additional 20% off during the holiday season!

There are many stories and legends depicting the origination of the Vampire. Together we will explore many of them, but today my focus is on the “Scriptures of Delphi”

Delphi is an ancient city that has been inhabited since 1600 BC. Rich in archeological finds, the site has time after time yielded evidence of many ancient legends and locales. Amongst these discoveries were the “Scriptures of Delphi” said to be written by the infamous Oracle of Delphi. Within the scriptures is a section known as the “Vampire Bible”. Though the term Bible is used loosely as it is not a religious text, the scriptures unveil a story of a man named Ambrogio, who was subjected to a number of curses and blessing bestowed upon him by the Gods somewhere around 450 BC.

Ambrogio, an Italian born adventurer, found himself in Greece as it had been a life long dream to have his fortune told by the legendary Oracle of Delphi. The Oracle, upon laying eyes upon him muttered only a few cryptic phrases; “The curse. The moon. The blood will run.”

Ambrogio was disturbed by the Oracles message and spent the night outside of the the temple as he pondered the meaning. At daybreak a beautiful young maiden appeared, the sister of the Oracle, Selene, came every morning to care for her and the temple.

Ambrogio would meet with the maiden every morning and soon fell deeply in love with her and asked for her to marry him and return to his home land with him upon his departure.

Apollo had been watching and was enraged that this mortal would dare take his beautiful maiden, in his fury he cursed Ambrogio so that the touch of Apollos sun would burn his flesh also prohibiting him from meeting with Selene the next morning to depart for Italy. Having no alternative, Ambrogio fled to the caves and sought the protection of Hades.

Hades and Ambrogio came to a deal, but Abrogio would have to leave his soul with Hades as down payment. The deal was that Hades would give him a magical wooden bow with 11 arrows. Ambrogio was to offer his kill to Artemis, sister of Apollo, in order to gain her favor and steal her silver bow which he would then deliver to Hades to retrieve his soul.

Ambrogio squandered the arrows by killing swans and writing poetry to Selene in their blood, but was able to steal Artemis’ silver bow. Once Artemis realized what had happened, she bestowed a curse upon Ambrogio that the touch of silver to his skin would burn him and cause him great pain.

Ambrogio was forced to drop the bow before he could deliver it to Hades. Now the bearer of two curses from the Gods, Ambrogio fell to his knees and begged for mercy while explaining his predicament. Artemis felt pity for the man and gave him one last chance. She then made him as powerful of a hunter as she was with the speed and strength of a God, and fangs for him to draw the blood of his prey to continue writing his poetry.

In exchange for this immortality he would have to abandon all other Gods but her and since Artemis was a virgin God, he too would suffer her fate and was required to abandon his love Selene. He agreed and that night wrote a message to Selene telling her to meet with him on his ship. In the hull of the ship she discovered a wooden coffin with another note attached that told her to order the ship to sail and not to open the coffin until sunset.

The couple sailed to Ephesus and lived for many years in the caves together. Ambrogio had never aged but the years had not been kind to Selene and she soon fell ill. As his soul still resided in Hades it would be impossible for the two of them to spend the afterlife together.

That evening he walked to the pond and found a swan which he then killed and offered to Artemis who then appeared to him. She had been pleased with his loyalty and service to her and decided to to make him one last deal. Ambrogio could touch Selene just once-to drink her blood. This act would kill Selene’s mortal body but would guarantee that they would stay together forever.

Upon drinking Selene’s blood he laid her lifeless body down and watched as she began to radiate with light. He watched further as her spirit raised up into the heavens and met with Artemis at the moon , which lit up at her arrival. Selene became the Goddess of moonlight and every night she would reach down from the heavens and touch her beloved Ambrogio and the children-the newly created vampires who carried the blood of Ambrogio and Selene, together.

Though there have been other archeological finds that validate the existence of the Vampire, some dating even further back in ancient times.  The Delphi scriptures offer a solid validation of ancient beliefs and evidence.

See: http://www.gods-and-monsters.com/scriptures-of-delphi.html


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Visit the publisher for major discounts from retailers.

Visit the publisher for major discounts from retailers.

Get Bit today! Volumes I and II of the Adrian Trilogy are available!

Visit my publisher today for your copies!      Volumes I & II of “The Adrian Trilogy” are available through my publisher, DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. at http://www.donnaink.com and http://www.donnaink.org) for deep pocket reduced cost AND an additional 20% discount through 31 October 2014. The good news is in addition to a $5. to $7. dollar reduction from retail, you also have an additional 20% off plus . . . orders process within 24 hours for ground shipping (approximately five to seven business days), expedited shipping costs extra.

You may also find “To be His Soulmate” and “Adrian’s Fury” at retail channels such as:

Amazon.com, Books-in-Print, Espresso Book Machine, Lightning Source (Ingram), Google books and etc. Both “Adrian’s Fury” and “Adrian’s Legacy” will not be available in eBook for 30 to 45 days post-print.

Fans near to Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana can find Volume I, “To be His Soulmate” on shelves at Linda’s Toy Box in Hammond or Amite and Volume II, “Adrian’s Fury” will be available after October the 11th when there will be a book signing event at Linda’s Toy Box.

Fans near to Pearl River County Mississippi will soon find both volumes of “The Adrian Trilogy” on shelves at both Custom VAPES locations.

If you are in the area, stop by on Sept. 27th from 2-5 when Ms. Gibson will be signing both Volumes I & II of her trilogy on site!


Visit the publisher for major discounts from retailers.

Visit the publisher for major discounts from retailers.

“To Be His Soulmate,” Sell Sheet for Fall 2014

To Be His Soulmate Sell Sheet

Is your book club a fan of horror? Do you love vampire novels? Are you an owner of a bookstore? Are you planning a book event?

Author Lyn Gibson is prepared to meet with you on your home turf and discuss all things vampire . . . take this opportunity to complete the contact form below in order to line up a meet and greet with this Vampire Historian!


DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C.