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2        If you’ve been looking for a HOT new Vampire series to sink your teeth into, “The Adrian Trilogy” is available in its’ entirety!

Based in Southeastern Louisiana, this series draws its’ readers into a world of moss covered cemeteries that lie tucked away behind grand old Plantation homes; all bearing their own array of ancient and bloody secrets.

“The Adrian Trilogy” depicts the vampire as malevolent and vicious, yet they remain creatures of great beauty and grace.

Adult readers are raving over the series and the fan base is spreading like wildfire!  Check out these recent reviews:


I just finished reading ADRIAN’S FURY and you got me again!!! After reading TO BE HIS SOULMATE, I so looked forward to your second writing of the Triology. You have converted me into a fiction reader! I love the Vampire legend & lore mixed with the passionate love story! ADRIAN’S FURY really captivated me at about the middle of the book where I forced myself to put it down because I needed to do other things!! The highs & lows in every chapter were like a crazy roller-coaster ride! I absolutely cannot believe the ending!!! I must read ADRIAN’S LEGACY, just let me know when I can get a copy!!! Bravo my friend! You did it again!! Wishing you all the sweet success in the world!!


From the first book until the last page of the third book it was EXCITING & SUSPENSEFUL.
Could not put down.


I have to say that I love any and all paranormal romances! The Adrian Trilogy did not disappoint. I am looking forward to more books by Lyn Gibson. Being able to immerse yourself in a story is what makes the story so much fun.
A new lead into the vampire genre. Love, blood, romance and vengeance. That is what fills the pages of this book. It gets better and better as it goes on. Page after page the story draws you in and makes you fall for the characters. We all can relate to both the leads. Even the secondary characters are so fitting that we can easily point to someone in our own life and say that’s my friend. Great read folks.
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Take a ride on the Adrian Trilogy Dragster!

a3logo11 (2)1     2015 is shaping up to be a huge year for The Adrian Trilogy series!  The list of appearance dates and locales is steadily growing!

Author Lyn Gibson and her husband, John have something to offer to the ever growing Trilogy fan base, a bad ass front engine dragster which, will soon be donning the Adrian Trilogy logo!  But, it doesn’t stop there, for the next 60 days we are offering ad space on the dragster and or trailer.  Your name or company logo can travel with the Author and dragster to some of the largest Horror Conventions and Nostalgia Dragster events in the country!

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An interview by “Adrian Trilogy” fans from the Netherlands

k  A few weeks ago my Publisher was contacted by some fans in the Netherlands that had interest in interviewing the author of “To be His Soulmate”.

The interviewer, Ms. Nienke van Bruggen, asked some really good questions, I thought that I would share some of the Q & A’s with everyone!


Ms. Nienke van Bruggen;  Is this your’ first book?

Answer:  “To be His Soulmate” is indeed my first novel. In the past, I have always enjoyed dabbling with dark poetry and short stories. As with many writers, there were several abandoned attempts in the past. As a seasoned, published author, in hind sight I now know that the missing element in those attempts was the correct driving passion.
I hail from an area where legend and folklore are rich, an accepted way and part of our every day life. Living near the New Orleans area, an insatiable craving for knowledge of the paranormal and all things that dwell beyond the grasp of mankind began to overwhelm me at an early age. In my younger days, I read every book that I could access that had to do with paranormal activities, legend and lore; perhaps I was preparing for a future career as a horror author!

Ms. Nienke van Bruggen;  Do you believe in the existence of vampires? And if yes, why?

Answer:  A complex question, to which there are many ways to answer! I do not believe that the Vampire, as it is portrayed through recent media, exists in this day and time.
To begin with, I have researched the vampire for many years, I do not claim to know all but I have seen/read enough to state with confidence that the vampire is quite real! I do believe that vampires have walked this earth any many forms for nearly as long as man has walked on the same soil. If you have checked out my blog, you can see that there are many origination theories of where the vampire actually came from. My personal belief is that the Vampires were created when the Angels bred with the daughters of man. Those angels that God cast down from Heaven (see Genesis and Exodus in the old testament of the King James Bible or The book of Watcher in the Book of Enoch, or my blog) “The Fallen”, descended upon the earth and spread their seed into the population, the offspring of their breeding with the mortals are referred to as “Nephillum”. My research suggests that the Nephillum had the same traits as their Fathers and were also born with the same knowledge as the heavenly hosts. These traits, though described by ancient scribes, are shared with the description of vampires in every language and on every continent in every era, up until today. The Fallen were made by the hand of God, they were created with the same understanding, traits and immortality as the Heavenly hosts. In laymans’ terms, a Vampire has instincts and knowledge that mortals do not, example: levitation and hypnosis. Other traits, such as immortality, the ability to heal immediately and strength were also passed down from generation to generation however, as time passes the bloodline becomes more strained; the strengths and abilities that were originally passed down from The Fallen are not what they once were.

As to the why, There is evidence of their existence still to this day, statues stand in their honor, their history is in ancient religious texts, talismans and drawing can be found on display at museums all over the world. A creature as magnificent as the Vampire, whether known as an Egyptian God or a Roman Emperor, has left an imprint on this planet for centuries; all one has to do is open their eyes, and minds!


Ms. Nienke van Bruggen; In the book, when Christian meets Adrian, he suddenly realizes that Adrian is the reincarnation of Cassandra. How is his feeling of love? Since original vampires don’t have the same type of love we humans have.

Answer: The power of love! Christian, after having lost Cassandra, became so dark and vicious in his bloodlust that he extinguished entire bloodlines; his rampage on earth was so terrible that it drew the attention of the Gods. His vengeance to vindicate Cassandra’s death was his only driving force, so much so that he defied the requests of the God’s to cease his revenge. Christian was cursed because of his love for Cassandra, this is a love that is so strong it has continued to drive him for centuries as he awaited the day he would be reunited with his one true love.
In my research, it is true that Vampires do lose most of their human emotions, however the two strongest, love and hate, will always remain. This is consistent with legends from every continent in every era.

Ms. Nienke van Bruggen;  In families, there are bloodbonds. Best friends can be blood brothers to if they want, by exchanging blood. How does this work with vampires? If one is bitten by another, are they connected then, or submissive? What do you think?

Answer:  There is a segment on my blog, “The inherited traits of the vampire” that will interest you, another, psychological traits as well should answer some of those questions. In a short answer, A new vampire does inherit some traits from his maker. There is a definite bond created once a maker turns a new vampire, some makers however, do not always nurture their newlings. Most, though, will train their newly made kindred soul; their motivations can range from the desire of a companion or mate to a twisted vengeance. A newling vampire is always submissive to his maker, as he is to all elders. All vampire were created by an original, it is that common blood that creates a bond, though the bond is not as strong between sibling vampires as it is with the makers.

Ms. Nienke van Bruggen;  The story is really original, but has some traditional elements. Where did you find the inspiration for this book?

Answer:  My inspiration to write not only To be His Soulmate, but the entire series, is likely to surprise you. I have been a horror fan since I was a little girl. I have seen the corniest to the greatest and all in between. I adore most versions of the vampire, my favorites are the Anne Rice Vampires. Then came the Twighlight Saga, hmm….  On a positive note, the series did encourage the youth to read, and the story line is not so bad however, the vampire characters portrayed within the series are a watered down, pg-13 coloring book version of a fierce and malevolent creature; Vampires do not sparkle! And my correct driving passion was ignited! The Adrian Trilogy is my written response to the socialization of the vampire!



The Adrian Trilogy…..A new breed of Vampire

All 3 volumes of the Adrian Trilogy are available at, and other fine retailers.  For an autographed copy of “To be His Soulmate” “Adrian’s Fury” or “Adrian’s Legacy” inbox me!


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A “Fangtastic” day for “The Adrian Trilogy”!

2      The recent release of “Adrian’s Legacy” has filled me with a sense of fulfillment that is nearly indescribable!  I am ecstatic to have the entire series in print.  I thought that I could never be happier, but I was wrong.

The  first shipment of Adrian’s Legacy sold out in less than 48 hours!  By early afternoon on Sunday there was a waiting list, which has now devoured the next impending shipment!

Today, I spent the better part of the day hand delivering copies of Adrian’s Legacy to local fans and followers.  It was during this time that I came to a realization.  Though seeing the series in print is truly a dream come true, it is placing the book into the hands of an excited Trilogy fan that fuels the fire!   I have been so blessed in the past year and am completely overwhelmed by all of the love and support of fans and followers both here at home and across the globe!  Thanks to each and every one of you for your’ continued support!  This is going to be an awesome year for the Adrian Trilogy, so many exciting things are in the works and I can’t wait to share them with you all!

But for now, until I can share them with you………….

Best Wishes and Vampire Kisses will have to do!



What are you planning for 2015?

MOON1     With the recent release of “Adrian’s Legacy” my dream of seeing the Adrian Trilogy series in its’ entirety in print has materialized!  The Vampire Nation is growing in leaps and bounds with new fans and followers on every continent!  2015 is destined to be a stellar year for Adrian Trilogy fans as events and appearances are being scheduled for the upcoming months.  Exciting new developments and announcements are upcoming as well!

So, with the Trilogys’ completion there should be plenty of time for rest and relaxation right?  NO WAY!! No rest for the wicked!  Bloodshed and demons lie just beyond the horizon.  The Adrian Trilogy will no doubt have an awesome year as it will soon be joined by a PG-13 release intended for the under-aged and still uncorrupted younglings who have a taste for the macabre!  Already in manuscript format, this new release is a great read for anyone aged 13 and up.  Stay tuned for information on availability in the near future.

A fifth manuscript is underway!  No spoilers on this one, though I will drop a tasty tease:

When they turned themselves against men, in order to devour them; and began to injure birds, beasts, reptiles, and fishes, to eat their flesh one after another, and to drink their blood. The Book of Enoch Chapter 7:13-14.

Have no fear horror aficionados, 2015 will be an exciting year!


Happy New Year!









Author Lyn Gibson

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DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. releases “Adrian’s Legacy,” by Lyn Gibson of Independence Louisiana

Visit DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. for deepest pocket discounts.

Visit DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. for deepest pocket discounts.

“The Adrian Trilogy” third and final volume is available for readers. “Adrian’s Legacy,” by horror author Lyn Gibson has just been released by DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C.

Founder-CEO and President of DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C, Ms. D. L. Quesinberry states, “Lyn Gibson’s latest title in “The Adrian Trilogy” not only continues the course of “To Be His Soulmate” and “Adrian’s Fury” . . . it goes there and beyond. “Adrian’s Legacy” is a no holds barred Vampire Nation festival rich in trysts, fang-mania and the natural accolades of the bloodsucking creatures we’ve grown to love. Adrian seizes the moment in this volume while holding true to her past with Christian and working to achieve equitable solutions for her’s and humankind. Certainly, this title stands independent of the first two volumes; however, a true horror aficionado will want to read all three volumes.”

From the author:
“Having always had an insatiable thirst for knowledge of the darker things in life, I have always been intrigued by Vampire folklore and legends. Today, however, the Vampire has been consistently depicted as a more ‘sociably acceptable’ being with little reflection of the passionate yet malevolent creatures that have been immortalized in history and legend.

“‘The Adrian Trilogy’ represents my effort to resurrect the true fierceness of the vampires of old. Today’s fan base has become unenthused with recent releases that meekly pawn a domesticated and sparkly day walker off as a mighty immortal.

“Based in Southern Louisiana, ‘The Adrian Trilogy’ intertwines history and legend into a modern story line with a cast of characters that will consume the reader. Fans are found not wanting after having read the first two volumes of the Trilogy. Word of warning; the series is intended for readers over the age of 18 as there is adult content and extreme violence throughout.

“‘The Adrian Trilogy’ series is becoming realized as the newest vampire revolution. Ms. Gibson has amassed a fan base that spans the globe as her writing has been compared to Anne Rice. There is a new master of horror on the horizon! “The Adrian Trilogy” has appeared in press both in print and online accompanied by radio and talk show interviews throughout the United States. Ms. Gibson has been dubbed with the title of Vampire Historian and has made many appearances since the launch of the series in late 2013.

“With ‘The Adrian Trilogy’ now released in its’ entirety, the world is eagerly awaiting to see what Ms. Gibson has in store for us next!”

Visit DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. to order a copy of “Adrian’s Legacy” to get the complete set of all three titles and/or to also purchase “To Be His Soulmate” and “Adrian’s Fury” – volumes I and II of the trilogy.

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