The Parliament Part II

So far we have discussed the first five members of the parliament:  Christian, Lucas, Isaac, Ruth and Naomi.  The remaining members are as follows:

Frederick is the youngest member of the parliament.  He is more modern than the previously discussed members, with a reputation of being known as somewhat of a playboy.

Frederick, in the early 1600’s had spent several weeks at a local brothel in Portsmouth before joining the crew of a British merchant ship bound for the Caribbean Island of Nevis.  The tale of Captain Wheelers’ Cormorant is now a well known legend.

On the evening of   June 15, 1607 another of the crew had boarded the ship after having been bitten by a female vampire.  Captain Wheeler’s journal describes the events on board until at he, one of the last to have been attacked, had succumbed to the entire crew of vampires.  On the morning of September 20, the ship of vampires cruised into the harbor of Nevis.   When boarded by the harbor master the Captain and crew were no where to be found.  The harbor master sent for more men to help him search the large ship.  Once below, the entire crew were discovered in the ships’ cargo bay.  The harbor master’s men assumed that the men were all dead.  As more support was brought in later that afternoon to begin unloading the supposed corpses they would discover that the crew was indeed, not dead.  The vampires fed well on the men and fled the ship to populate the Caribbean Islands and thus the new world.  Frederick, amongst the vampires, would spend several years in the islands until joining the crew of another merchant ship that would sail into the Gulf of Mexico.  Frederick would homestead in the Southern-most edge of Louisiana, relocating in the early 1700’s as the French Quarter of New Orleans was established.

The final two members of the parliament are William and Thomas, brothers at their mortal birth.  Thomas takes upon himself to monitor exposure to his race by observing those that would draw attention to themselves.  William is more rooted in upholding the general laws of the Vampire nation and is frequently involved when an offender is brought before Parliament.  Set in the old ways, William is quick to pass judgement on those that do not obey the laws set forth for all vampire.

Their turning also involves a ship.  As members of the Queens’ royal navy, Thomas and William were well traveled men.  In the late 12th century the Queen had sent her royal navy to investigate wild reports of the dead rising and attacking villagers near the Port of Venezia.  The Queen’s court had heard several stories brought back to them by the captains and crews of local trade ships upon their return.  Intrigued by the tales of revenants, The Queen sent Thomas and William to investigate the wild tales as she desired first hand information.

The ship sailed into the Port of Venezia and docked with intentions of remaining for several weeks.  Once on shore the crew of the bulking beast would soon grow unimpressed with the primitive notions that the region had to offer.  One evening the crew, drunken with rum decided  to begin robbing the surrounding towns and villages, stashing their booty within the hull of the ship.  One evening the crew happened upon a stately home built high upon a mountain ridge.  The crew, under the cloak of darkness, would enter the estate and rob it of all valuables that they came across.  The thieves returned to the ship just before sunrise and stashed their loot.  The owner of the estate, an elder vampire, returned home as the same time to discover that his valuables had been taken and his beautiful home ram-sacked.  The Vampire was furious and immediately knew that the foreign ship docked in the harbor, held his valuables.

The following evening, just after sunset, the enraged vampire boarded the ship and fed well upon those responsible for the theft, taking several of the crew captive and ordering them to return his possessions to his estate.  Among the captives were Thomas and William.  For years the vampire would torment the remaining mortal survivors of his raid as he held them prisoner.  After some time the Vampires’ rage began to subside.  He began to converse with Thomas and William about the distant land of England as he had become stagnant in his location and desired to experience foreign lands.  William and Thomas became advisors to the Vampire and would later be turned by him to protect them from plagues that were presently ravaging the land.  Soon after, William and Thomas would gather a crew and sail their maker into England.

Thomas and William would remain loyal servants to their maker for many years until the vampire decided to relocate back to his original estate as he felt that he had experienced enough of the modern world.  The brothers would remain in England for the remainder of the century then would assume the last names of Carter before moving to New Orleans Louisiana.

A closer look as Jacques de St. Germain Part II

So, we started with St. Germain supposedly having been born in 1712, though there is indication that Germain could have been in his mid forties at this same time, we will continue by using the date as 1712 as his assumed “birth date”.   We have explored documentation, description and known locations of  St. Germain up until 1820.  Now we will examine documentation that falls after this date.

Between the years of 1880-1900, two references to St. Germain had been documented.  The Theosophical Society, founded by and including a famous mystic by the name of Helena Blavatsky in 1882, claimed that St. Germain was alive and well and was working toward the spiritual development of the west.  She also claimed that St. Germain belonged to a race of immortals which lived somewhere north of the Himalayas.

The Theosophical Society was originally established in New York in 1875 before Blavatsky would established the international headquarters outside of the suburbs of Madras where is still stands today.  In 1886 Blavatsky fell very ill and was near to death, but made an astounding recovery, I surmise that this may be the specific time when Germain was said to have been in the area, there is said to be a genuine photo still in existence of Germain and Blavatsky together.  Blavatsky was said to have moved to London immediately after her recovery.

In 1897, a famous french singer by the name of Emma Calve, was said to have had an affair with St. Germain.  A autographed self portrait that she had gifted to Germain is also still in existence.

In 1902 a flamboyant man in his mid forties that went by the name of Jacques St. Germain moves into a prestigious building on the corner of Royal and Ursuline.  Jacques was said to have migrated from France.  His introduction in to New Orleans society was in the form of a large party.  Amongst the attendees were dignitaries, politicians and the most elite that New Orleans had to offer.  Jacques fed his guest on the finest of china and silverware, though he himself did not eat.  This was said to have offended the attendees, though he was in possession of more wealth than most of society, he was not accepted by them.  Jacques maintained a low profile, other than his nightly appearances on Bourbon street until one night when he picked up a young woman and brought her home with him.  Later that evening the girl was found screaming in the street, both legs broken.  She was discovered by the police who took her in to file a report.  The girl claimed that while in Germain’s home she had leaned over to look at some items on his mantle, he then came at her with great force and speed and began biting her viciously on the neck.  At that moment there came a banging on the door, Germain had been distracted by friends that had come over to invite him out for a night of drinking.  The girl, instead of fleeing for the door, chose to jump from the balcony and onto the brick street below, breaking both legs in the fall.  When questioned by the police, Germain stated that the girl was drunk and had jumped from the window.  The police asked for Germain to come in to the station and make a full statement first thing in the morning.  Jacques never showed up the next day, when the police went to pay him a visit, Jacques and most of his belongings were gone.  The police report showed that blood stains were found throughout the home.  Upon further inspection they discovered there had been no food within the house, only a large collection wine glasses and bottles which appeared to hold red wine.  After having sampled the wine, it was determine to have been a mixture of red wine and blood.

In August of 1914, in the early days of WWI, two Bavarian soldiers captured a Jewish-looking French man who they reportedly claimed behaved and dressed in an odd manner.  After an all night interrogation the man stubbornly refused to give his name.  At sunrise it is reported that the prisoner became highly irritated and began to rant about the futility of war.  He was quoted as saying:  “Throw down your’ guns!”  “The war will end in 1918 with defeat of the German nation and her allies!”  One of the soldiers was said to have laughed at his rantings, however the other found his prophesies intriguing and allowed for him to continue.  The prisoner was then further quoted having said:  “Everyone will be a millionaire after the war!”  “There will be so much money that people will throw it from windows and no one will bother to pick it up.”  “After the confetti money will come the Anti-Christ.”  “A tyrant from the lower classes that will wear an ancient symbol.”  “He will lead Germany into another global war in 1939, but will be defeated 6 years later, after doing inhuman, unspeakable things!”  It was then reported that the Frenchman began to rant incoherently while crying and singing.  At this point the Soldiers determined that the man was insane and released him on his way where he would disappear into obscurity, again.

In 1926, Theosophist, C.W. Leadbeater, then President of the Theosophical Society claimed to have met with Germain in Rome.  Leadbeater maintained that Germain had shown him a robe that had been previously owned by a Roman Emperor.  When Leadbeater inquired as to where Germain was residing, Germain responded that one of his residences was a castle in Transylvania.

So now we have traveled from 1712(?) to 1926 along the trail of documents throughout history that feature our Jacques de St. Germain.  I am looking forward to further researching this vampiric icon into current times!

The Parliament part I

The Parliament is the ruling body of the Vampire Nation.  There are eight member including Christian, all having equal authority in their positions.  Having selected elders that were known as great leaders, Christian and the other members of the Parliament were responsible for creating the laws that govern their race.  The first member that Christian would recruit was Lucas.

Lucas as a mortal was known as a Praetor, a high ranking official of Caesar Augustus’ military.  Lucas led many offensive for the ruler while having the responsibility of watching over Caesar as well as serving as a Judge in the high courts.  In a battle near Alexandria on September 2 31BC, just before the suicide of Anthony and Cleopatra, Lucas would find himself in battle with an elite force under direct order of Anthony himself.  This force was comprised of the descendents of Cain, a troop of Vampire that had pledged to protect both Anthony and Cleopatra in return for immunity of their coven as they would feed upon those who wandered into their territory just outside of the walls of Egypt.  Lucas and his men fought valiantly against the immortals, however most would lose their lives, many, to include Lucas would be turned as a result of being captured and identified as high ranking officials of Caesar.  Lucas would broker a deal between the clan and Caesar, similar to that of the original agreement between them and Anthony.  Having been known as a wise man, a diplomat and a fierce warrior and commander, Lucas soon gained the respect of many clans in the area and soon would find himself as an unofficial leader, a title that he would hold for several centuries before his encounter with Christian.

Isaac is another of the members of the Parliament.  Isaac was said to have been the domestic partner of the first Duke of Buckingham, George Villiers.  Villiers was publicly known to have been the lover of King James which was tolerated by Isaac for many years as the King continued to increase the levels of wealth, immunity and authority of Villiers.  Once Villiers, vampire, had accumulated an undeniable position of power, he would entrance the King nightly, draining him bit by bit.  Concern flushed over the royal court as the King’s health began to fail until his death in March of 1629.  Villiers would retain his political position while the throne would be assumed by King James’ son Charles.  Charles had resented Villiers for many years as the King showed more favor to the Duke than to his own heir.  Two attempts were made to remove the Duke from his position.  Amongst the turmoil, Villiers began to fear for the safety of his mate Isaac thus turning him so that he may have the abilities to defend himself in these troubled times.  Two years later the Duke was attacked while visiting a local pub.  His head was separated from his body leaving Isaac alone, but wealthy.  Isaac immediately left England and came to reside in the French territories where he would later meet with Christian in a land deal concerning a vinery.

Next, and perhaps the most elder of all member are Ruth and Naomi.  Ruth had begun her journey as the daughter-in-law to Naomi who’s blood line would result several generations later in creating the lineage of David.  This would also result in both Ruth and Naomi having been the ancestors of Joseph,  husband of May, Father to Jesus.

Both Ruth and Naomi had resided in Bethlehem until the land had been crippled by famine, when they would meet while they both relocated to Moab.  Naomi would lose her husband and two sons in the land, leaving her a widow alone with Ruth and two widowed daughter-in-laws.  Naomi had determined it best to return to Bethlehem, Ruth would also join her.  Naomi, now a bitter woman, intended to have Ruth wed her son Obed.  Once united, the family began their travels back to Bethlehem which unknown by them had been inhabited by Canaanites while the city was all but abandoned.  Canaanites were known to be one of the most pure breeds of the Vampire race.  One evening while Ruth was out gleaning the fields she was seduced by a vampire.  When Naomi realized that Ruth had not returned by such a late hour, she went into the fields to look for her.  Naomi would encounter the same vampire.  She and Naomi would remain in Bethlehem as members of the clan but would continue to watch over their family until the clan moved to the booming metropolis of Rome.

These are the first four members of the Parliament founded by Christian.  The remaining three members will be discussed in a following blog.  Stay tuned!

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A closer look at Jacques de St. Germain

jacques    After a one hour interview on “Whispers in the Dark” I was contacted by several parties that had either requested more information or have volunteered first hand experiences concerning Jacques d’Saint Germain, The New Orleans Vampire.  Since the show I have begun to research him a bit further.  This blog is the first of more to come on Saint Germain, I will start here from the beginning:

Comte de St. Germain was said to have been born in 1712, details of his birth and life as a child are obscure, however Germain was said to have been the son of Francis II Rákóczi, the Prince of Transylvania.  In contradiction to this date are two statements, one by Rameau, a relative of a French ambassador from Venice who testified that he had known St. Germain in 1710 and that he then had the appearance of a man near his fifties.  The second statement may be found in Souvenirs sur Marie Antoinette where Madame d’Adhémar collaborates this date and description adding that Germain was known as the Marquis de Montferrat.

Having achieved prominence in European high society by the mid 1700’s, Germain was known as a courtier, composer, musician, priest, and prophet.  Germain was fluent in several languages which allowed him conference with noblemen from distant countries.  St. Germain also had a vast interest and knowledge of science and alchemy.

Though St. Germain was well known in European society, no one truly knew him, only increasing the intrigue of his curious followers.  Jacques, a lover of the arts, and a talented musician gave only two public performances.  On one said performance in London in May of 1749,  he was described as too great of a musician not to have become famous, if he had not have been a gentleman.  Lady Jamima Yorke was quoted to have said that Germain was an odd creature and that the more she saw of him the more she was curious to know something of him and that he “was everything to everyone”.  Lord Walpole, after having experienced the same performance described Germain as extremely pale with the darkest of hair and a matching beard.  Walpole continued by saying that Germain dressed magnificently and wore several jewels upon his person indicating that he was clearly receiving large remittances.

In 1748 he was hired by King Louis the XV for diplomatic missions.  On one of these missions Germain was a guest of Giacomo Casanova and a party of other well respected French nobles.  Casanova described his first encounter with Germain in his memoirs:

The most enjoyable dinner I had was with Madame de Robert Gergi, who came with the famous adventurer, known by the name of the Count de St. Germain. This individual, instead of eating, talked from the beginning of the meal to the end, and I followed his example in one respect as I did not eat, but listened to him with the greatest attention. It may safely be said that as a conversationalist he was unequaled.

St. Germain gave himself out for a marvel and always aimed at exciting amazement, which he often succeeded in doing. He was scholar, linguist, musician, and chemist, good-looking, and a perfect ladies’ man. For awhile he gave them paints and cosmetics; he flattered them, not that he would make them young again (which he modestly confessed was beyond him) but that their beauty would be preserved by means of a wash which, he said, cost him a lot of money, but which he gave away freely.

In 1762 Germain would travel to Russia to where it is said that he worked inconspicuously within a conspiracy that resulted in placing Katherine the Great on the throne, later advising her Commander of the Imperial armies in a war against Turkey, which they won.

In 1774 he would return to France while Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette occupied the throne, allegedly warning them 15 years prior to the impending revolution.

In 1779 he would travel to Germany and befriend Prince Charles of Hesse-Cassel where he would live as a guest in the castle for the next 5 years.  Local records would state that Germain died here on February 27, 1784.

Yet in 1785 he was known to reside in Germany, befriending Anton Mesmer, the pioneer hypnotist.  Germain was said to have given Mesmer the basic ideas for hypnotism and personal magnetism.  Also in 1785 it is recorded in the official records of the Freemasonry that they had chosen St. Germain as their representative for the annual 1785 convention.

In 1789 after the taking of the Bastille in the French Revolution Germain would return to France to counsel the Comtesse d’Adhémar.  She describes having had an in-depth conversation with him where he allegedly told her of France’s immediate future.  In 1821 she wrote:  “I have seen Saint-Germain again, each time to my amazement. I saw him when the queen [Antoinette] was murdered, on the 18th of Brumaire, on the day following the death of the Duke d’Enghien, in January, 1815, and on the eve of the murder of the Duke de Berry.” The last time she saw him was in 1820 – and each time he looked to be a man no older than his mid-40s.

  In 1821, Germain was said to have taken on a new identity.  Major Faser had apparent wealth but lived alone and never alluded to any family.  Recognized throughout the community as a knowledgeable and well traveled man, Germain’s cover was blown by Albert Vandam who wrote of having met a man that bore a striking resemblance to Count de Saint Germain.  In his memoirs is written:

“He called himself Major Fraser, lived alone and never alluded to his family. Moreover he was lavish with money, though the source of his fortune remained a mystery to everyone. He possessed a marvelous knowledge of all the countries in Europe at all periods. His memory was absolutely incredible and, curiously enough, he often gave his hearers to understand that he had acquired his learning elsewhere than from books. Many is the time he has told me, with a strange smile, that he was certain he had known Nero, had spoken with Dante, and so on.”

Major Fraser disappeared without a trace.

This brings us to Germain’s recorded history up until the early 1820’s.  We will examine more recent recordings upon the next blog, where things are certain to become even more interesting!

Markus Jarrell Kirby-Character of To be his Soulmate

Markus is the right hand man of Christian.  Though he maintains the demeanor of a butler or man servant, there is more to Markus than meets the eye!  Among his responsibilities of overseeing day to day operations of the New Orleans estate, Markus serves as a liaison for Christian who rarely travels without him.  He is well known and respected amongst the clans as well as the Parliament itself as he has been a mortal member for many, many years.

Here is the tale of how Markus and Christian formed their alliance:

Having had first hand knowledge of the impending passage of the 18th amendment in July of 1919, Christian, being the entrepreneur that he was, began to plan for things to come.  Christian purchased large amounts of worthless swamp ground off of the Mississippi and Louisiana Gulf Coast shoreline that he would intend to use as passages to deliver his vintage wines and liquors.  By the mid 1920’s Christian’s property was dead center of what was to become known as “Rum Row”.  He soon found that both his products and services were in high demand and would have to depend on locals that were knowledgeable in both the terrain and in bootlegging.  Christian would oversee each shipment personally, leaving him little time to tend to his other endeavors.  Upon one of these such trips he encountered a man by the name of William Tell who he would later employ to oversee the operation.  Things ran smoothly for quite sometime until other desperate runners had begun to cause problems along Rum Row.  Tell would enlist the most notorious of runners, then known as M.J. Kirby, to undertake the task of moving the product through Rum Row.  Kirby was known to be a mastermind, as well as a vicious man, though he was a quiet man, he possessed the most eloquent of dialect and soon befriended Christian as he was impressed with Kirby’s abilities to overcome the greatest of obstacles.

In the winter of 1921 Kirby would oversee the largest shipment of alcohol that Rum Row had ever known.  Little did Kirby know that word of the shipments had seeped out to both the authorities as well as other rival bootleggers, Kirby would be leading the shipment into an ambush of epic proportions.

As the men began to unload the wooden crates of wines and liquors onto smaller flat bottom boats, lights began to surround them.  The site soon became a bloodbath, but what no one had suspected would now become apparent.  Christian, along on this delivery would be forced to reveal that he was Vampire.  When the massacre had ended, the waters of the bayou ran thick with blood.  As Christian surveyed the loss he stumbled upon Kirby who was in a bad way.  Christian knowing that Kirby had a wife and children at home could not bare seeing them suffer without him.  “I can save your’ life but it will cost you” he told Kirby as he struggled for air.  Kirby nodded his head in approval.  Christian bit into his own wrist then held it over Kirby’s wounds then over Kirby’s mouth.  “Drink and live” Christian ordered.  Kirby did as he was told and lived but not as he had been before.

By taking Christian’s blood he had not only been healed but restored to a perfect physical state.  he would now heal faster, age slower and have more strength than that of a typical man.  He was also now bonded to Christian for life.  Christian allowed for Kirby to see after his loved ones, once his children had grown and his wife had passed he would send for Kirby from Grenoble where he would become known as Markus, leaving his old life and alias far behind.


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