Markus Jarrell Kirby-Character of To be his Soulmate

Markus is the right hand man of Christian.  Though he maintains the demeanor of a butler or man servant, there is more to Markus than meets the eye!  Among his responsibilities of overseeing day to day operations of the New Orleans estate, Markus serves as a liaison for Christian who rarely travels without him.  He is well known and respected amongst the clans as well as the Parliament itself as he has been a mortal member for many, many years.

Here is the tale of how Markus and Christian formed their alliance:

Having had first hand knowledge of the impending passage of the 18th amendment in July of 1919, Christian, being the entrepreneur that he was, began to plan for things to come.  Christian purchased large amounts of worthless swamp ground off of the Mississippi and Louisiana Gulf Coast shoreline that he would intend to use as passages to deliver his vintage wines and liquors.  By the mid 1920’s Christian’s property was dead center of what was to become known as “Rum Row”.  He soon found that both his products and services were in high demand and would have to depend on locals that were knowledgeable in both the terrain and in bootlegging.  Christian would oversee each shipment personally, leaving him little time to tend to his other endeavors.  Upon one of these such trips he encountered a man by the name of William Tell who he would later employ to oversee the operation.  Things ran smoothly for quite sometime until other desperate runners had begun to cause problems along Rum Row.  Tell would enlist the most notorious of runners, then known as M.J. Kirby, to undertake the task of moving the product through Rum Row.  Kirby was known to be a mastermind, as well as a vicious man, though he was a quiet man, he possessed the most eloquent of dialect and soon befriended Christian as he was impressed with Kirby’s abilities to overcome the greatest of obstacles.

In the winter of 1921 Kirby would oversee the largest shipment of alcohol that Rum Row had ever known.  Little did Kirby know that word of the shipments had seeped out to both the authorities as well as other rival bootleggers, Kirby would be leading the shipment into an ambush of epic proportions.

As the men began to unload the wooden crates of wines and liquors onto smaller flat bottom boats, lights began to surround them.  The site soon became a bloodbath, but what no one had suspected would now become apparent.  Christian, along on this delivery would be forced to reveal that he was Vampire.  When the massacre had ended, the waters of the bayou ran thick with blood.  As Christian surveyed the loss he stumbled upon Kirby who was in a bad way.  Christian knowing that Kirby had a wife and children at home could not bare seeing them suffer without him.  “I can save your’ life but it will cost you” he told Kirby as he struggled for air.  Kirby nodded his head in approval.  Christian bit into his own wrist then held it over Kirby’s wounds then over Kirby’s mouth.  “Drink and live” Christian ordered.  Kirby did as he was told and lived but not as he had been before.

By taking Christian’s blood he had not only been healed but restored to a perfect physical state.  he would now heal faster, age slower and have more strength than that of a typical man.  He was also now bonded to Christian for life.  Christian allowed for Kirby to see after his loved ones, once his children had grown and his wife had passed he would send for Kirby from Grenoble where he would become known as Markus, leaving his old life and alias far behind.