The Book of Nod

Ever heard of it?  Not many have!   There is no true “book” in form but a compilation of texts created by a variety of sources and in many languages such as Greek, Latin, Enochian and other ancient languages.

The “Core” story of the book is the Chronicle of Cain.  Cain, son of Adam and Eve, murdered his brother Abel.  As punishment for his sin, Caine is banished to live in Nod, east of Eden. Caine wanders in Nod for an unspecified period of time, until he meets Lilith, former lover and coeval of his father, Adam. In her bitterness, Lilith teaches Caine potent magic, the Disciplines of the modern nights. Immediately after this, Caine abandons Lilith and is approached by Angels of the Lord.

These Angels offer Caine the opportunity to repent, which he rejects. Each Angel in turn curses Caine with a specific vulnerability: sunlight, fire and treachery. The last Angel prophesies the path of Golconda, then leaves Caine alone.

Another reference to Liltih and Cain can be found in the Erciyes Fragments thought to have been collaborated by some of the same Noddist scholars that contributed to the “book” of Nod.

Genesis chapter tells us the creation of Adam, Eve, Caine, and Abel. Adam and Eve’s tale retells the banishment from the Garden of Eden, sans snake however.(This Eve is depicted as acting in her capacity as helpmeet to Adam, as well God’s command to serve him.) Once banished from the garden, Adam and Eve had two children…Caine and Abel. They spent years toiling away; Abel was a shepherd while Caine was a farmer. When Adam told Caine and Abel to offer sacrifice for the Lord, each offered only their “first and best” to the altar. When Abel’s offering pleased the Lord, he received the Lord’s blessing. To Caine, God said nothing, “turned His face” and did not bestow his blessing.

Caine asked his father Adam why the Lord did not accept his sacrifice; Adam told him to search his offering for any flaws or blemishes: “For the Lord will have no thing that is marred, But only the most perfect and beautiful of offerings”. Caine then asked his brother Abel why the Lord was not pleased with his offering. Abel reminded Caine that the earth was cursed for man’s sake; (therefore anything grown from the earth, that was offered to the altar, would be flawed) Abel bade Caine to “Give unto God that which is not born of the earth, and it’s blood shall be pleasing to Him.” (As Abel’s offering of Lamb’s blood was.)

In (Possibly) Caine’s own words: “So I did as he said, and I offered up blood. I did as my father said, and offered up that which was perfect and beautiful. I did as God commanded, and offered up the first and best of all I possessed.”

The sky darkened, a cold wind blew from the gates of Eden and the voice of the Lord boomed forth:

“Caine, what have you done? The blood of your brother cries out to Me from the earth. The ground has opened up her mouth to drink his blood. First killer of man be accursed by My word. The very earth shall reject you, A fugitive and wanderer shall you become, Outcast from the sons of Adam until the end of time.”

Caine answered thus:

“Then how shall I live? Every man that sees me shall know of this curse. Every hand shall be turned against me.”

“I will set My sign upon you,” He said.”All men shall know by its presence not to harm you. He who does shall be cursed sevenfold, And he who tries to slay you will earn My eternal wrath.”

Caine then forced back his tears of rage, his tears of sorrow, and hardened his heart against the Lord: “Such offerings I would not give him, nor any sacrifice from my heart.”

“So be it.” Caine said unto the Lord, he turned his face from Him, and set off into exile.

Enter Lilith:

For beyond the land of Eden, lay the land of Nod where Caine ran to. He saw lands to be tilled and animals to be tamed; yet he would not do God’s work. Caine cursed his existance and refused to give glory to God. He wandered alone long into the night; then upon him came a woman. Garments dark as night, woven from shadow. Skin as pale as the moon with a chill as winters grasp. Eyes and lips glowing as embers in the night. Caine questioned who this woman was, she responded as ” I am Lilith…second created from God. First banished.”

Lilith of unnatural power; with the belief of a survival of the fittest. Lilith taunted Caine, showing him her dark power but not teaching it to him. So he took her blood, devoured her powers. Believing he became stronger, with the belief of survival of the fittest; he took it upon himself to taunt Lilith and the Children of Seth. The belief of conquoring the brood of Seth and “if the shall worship me, they are free to do so.” And so came temptation