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The Adrian Trilogy 4th of July Discount

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The legend behind Vampire Island

vampir_18409          In the past couple of decades there have been numerous archeological finds pertaining to vampire burial sites, the most recent example was unearthed in Poland in July of 2013.  The skeletal remains were found with a brick wedged firmly in the mouth of the suspected vampire, traditional means of execution for the era and region.

The Upior (male) and Upierzcya (female) vampire of Poland were fierce creatures that were known to eat their burial shrouds.  This breed of vampire arose after midnight and fed until just before dawn, it’s insatiable lust for blood never to be sated.

The Polish took many measures to prevent their dead from becoming, well, undead.  Deceased were buried deeply within the earth face down with a cross made of willow branches across their chest or chin.  This was a typical burial, however, when there was suspected cause for the deceased to turn, the body was decapitated and the skull placed between the legs while stakes were driven through the body further enforcing that the corpse remain in its’ grave.

1455 miles South of Poland are the Greek Islands, one in particular is the Island of Lesbos, also known as “Vampire Island” where mass graves of vampires are currently being exhumed.   Archeologist Hector Williams has been studying the island for the past 40 years.  One of Hector’s vampire-graves-in-poland-1 most recent discoveries were two skeletons were found still pinned within their coffins by long metal stakes.  Hector has also discovered evidence that a small surrounding islet known as Pamphila, which lies just a few kilometers off of the coast, could be a mass burial site for Vampires.  His work is cut out for him!

Another 411 miles South of the Island of Lesbos is the Island of Kammeni (or Kaimmeni) in the area of Santorini.  Kammeni is known to be a powerful and mystical place of vampire exile.  Relatives of the deceased would prep the body, place a small cross comprised of a piece of silver and two pieces of wood into the mouth of the corpse.  The hands would then be bound by rope that had been saturated with holy water before placing the body in a boat and transporting their loved one to the island.  The belief was that because of the volcano, the soil was rich in sulfur which would inhibit the corpse from rising once more.  The families would also have the additional security of knowing that if the deceased were to turn into a vampire, it would not be able to cross the salt water.

Unintentually, the cautious families were in fact preserving their dead.  The high levels of sulfur combined with the anti-bacterial properties of the soil work together to delay the decomposition of the corpse while mummifying the remains.  It is said that on the island the dead won’t melt thus numerous mass vampire graves are being discovered more and more frequently, allowing for us enthusiasts to have a closer look into centuries old Vampire lore.



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The Vampire of Alnwick Castle

alnwick11     The Alnwick Castle was first mentioned in history books in the year 1096 but it’s vampire troubles did not begin until the 1200’s. A prominent priest contacted William of Newburgh about the case of the Alnwick Vampire that plagued his Diocese. If you will recall William of Newburgh investigated reports of vampires in the 1200’s and compiled a journal of his experiences and accounts.

Legend states that a vampire lived beneath the castle where he terrorized it’s inhabitants as well as surrounding villages for over 70 years. The story begins as such: There was an unnamed man from Yorkshire who lived a disreputable life, filled with crime, sin and ill repute. The man was wanted by authorities but he hid within the Alnwick Castle where he had allies, enabling for him to maintain his lifestyle. The man having resided within the castle for quite some time moved up the ranks and became a Lord, marrying a woman that also resided within the castle. It was the perfect marriage. Rumors began to circulate about his wife’s indiscretions. One evening the man climbed onto the roof above his chambers and peered into the window below to see his wife in bed with another man. Furious with the scene, the man faltered and fell through the roof injuring himself fatally. As he lay dying the priest arrived for him to have his final confession but the man refused, uttering curses towards his wife he refused to repent his sins before he died. The man was laid to rest in the church cemetery, but to no avail. It was not long after the man returned from the grave and began to attack the surrounding villages leaving a trail of victims with slashed throats and gaping wrists. The population began to dwindle, between the attacks of the vampire, plague and the remaining fleeing for fear of their lives, the town was nearly emptied. One Palm Sunday the local priest assembled a group of devout residents and some prominent citizens who went to the cemetery where the man was buried to put an end to this vampire’s grip of terror.

The grave was dug up and the body exhumed. When the coffin was open the corpse was found to appear fresh and preserved yet was bloated with fresh blood. The corpse was beheaded and dragged out of town where it was burned then the ashes were reinterred into holy ground to prevent his return. Up until this day, he has not returned.


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