The Adrian Trilogy, 4th of July Discount, 25% Off

The Adrian Trilogy 4th of July Discount

Adrian’s Legacy ranking at 560 on AMAZON!

#560 on AMAZON

TOP 1000 on AMAZON

Just a little update for The Adrian Trilogy fans . . . Adrian’s Legacy is closing in ranks!

#560 in Supernatural > Vampires
#1972 in Horror > Vampires

Way to go Lyn Gibson!

dpInk Horror Affirmation Dailies

dpInk Horror Affirmation Dailies

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The new Anne Rice?!

The “Whispers in the Dark” show hosts Viktor Aurelius and Jeff Niles along with Lady Kat have dubbed me the “New” Anne Rice!  Needless to say the interview went well.  I was nervous and wasn’t sure that I could speak for an hour, even on vampires!  But as it happens, the show was actually held over off the air!  Viktor and Jeff were wonderful to work with!

Check out the interview here:–episode-76




The Adrian Trilogy goes public!

I am excited today as this evening will mark the dawning of the Adrian trilogy!  Tonight at 9:00 Central I will be a guest on “Whispers in the Dark” blog radio.  My new “Fanged Friend” Viktor Aurelius, will be interviewing me about the upcoming launch of “To be his Soulmate”.   Viktor has taken a liking to some of my vampire poetry and as a special treat he has recorded two of my favorite poems!  We both concur, They are “FANGTASTIC!”

Join us this evening, if you dare, and be amongst the first to savor his velvet voice reciting my work!  I will also be discussing the basis of my debut vampire novel, the legend and the legacy of the Adrian Trilogy!–episode-76