The New Orleans Advocate interviews Lyn Gibson, a DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. author

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Gibson said her ability to connect with the supernatural world caused tension within her religious family, and after working with the police on unsolved cases for a few years, Gibson, who is originally from Pearl River, Miss., took up writing . . .

The New Orleans Advocate interviewed Author Lyn Gibson ( who lives in Independence Louisiana has been busy promoting her book. She is also a national radio personality and a historian of vampire legend and lore. Following the launch of her new book, Gibson has written on several blogs, interviewed on several talk radio programs and attended the annual “Spooky Empire” horror convention in Orlando, Florida courtesy of her publishing house. She was recently a guest at Mariner’s Inn in Hammond for her official book launch party.

The series, Gibson said, is based in the north shore area of Lake Pontchartrain, and many well-known landmarks are mentioned throughout the books.

Gibson gives some of the credit for the book’s success to her publisher, D.L. Quesinberry, CEO, president and founder of DonnaInk Publications, who she said has been wonderful to work with.

“Ms. Quesinberry believes in me and my series,” Gibson said. “It’s not easy, as a basically unknown writer, to be able to get a publishing contract, but Ms. Quesinberry saw promise in my title and has taken me under her wing.”

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Check out the many reviews:

Kim says: “I was unable to put it down. Was very addicting. It was a new take on southern vampires. Can’t wait for the next one.”

Tkenyon said:  “This book is so beautifully written that it draws you into their time and space. I couldn’t put it down. It has intrigue, passion, drama and a unique perspective on the paranormal world of the vampire in our everyday lives . It is definately an adults only book . I can’t wait for the sequel! Don’t miss out on this one!”

Deseret Hatcher raves:   “Lyn Gibson gives it to us with no holds barred in this sensual and did I say sensual erotic vampire tale. The Adrian Trilogy is destined for success. The characters are modern and believable – they use cell phones and iPads, they travel by jet and they have a true lust for flesh.”

Wanda H. had this to say:  “It was nice to get away from the real world and get away to something intriguing and sexy. I would think about it even after I had put it down. The TV and movie series are all watered down and made for teens. I liked To Be His Soulmate better than some of Anne Rice’s books.”

Susie Cambe was quoted as saying: “Lyn Gibson is a mesmerizing writer. As a writer, she successfully takes you where she wants you to journey deep within a dark world, living in the shadows of the moss-strewn Deep South. Her characters develop a strong relationship with the reader and continue from book to book in her trilogy. Gibson’s books are captivating to readers passionate about the horror genre, as well as college students and anyone brave enough to turn the pages of her books.”

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What is so great about being a horror writer?

Information Kit Page AElaborating on the query might just cause more of those uncomfortable over the shoulder glances, however the cat is out of the bag . . . Yes, I am the proud owner of a demented mind!  For years I’ve been considered quiet and polite.  A word of advice for those of you that consider those “quiet” ones like myself as reserved and timid; never judge a book by it’s conservative cover.

I have functioned in the professional world, and quite successfully I might add, for all of my adult life.  Those that “knew” me only knew the “me” that was displayed to them;  a professional, clad in a business suit and heels, short and to the point and knowledgeable in every aspect of the corporate world.  And, from this briefcase carrying, business oriented, high profile client consultant hid the twisted mind of a horror writer that was clawing at the seams to escape the  confines of a restricted and politically correct persona.

Having received a publishing contract from DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. on my debut series, “The Adrian Trilogy” was more than enlightening, it was the approval to write the things that I saw, just as I saw them and with permissions to neglect softening content in order to be more socially or politically correct.  The people and the places that DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. and Ms. D.L. Quesinberry have introduced me to in the past few moths have done nothing less than enhance the  approval and acceptance of the world, as seen through my eyes.   I have discovered that there are far more of “my kind” lurking among us!

No longer do I have to hide behind what is socially acceptable, who indeed defined what is acceptable other than society.  In the past few moths I have heard from my readers, from all across the country and yes, around the world!  I have never felt more in the place that I am supposed to be than I do at this point!  Readers from all societies, all cultures and all regions of the planet are raving over my work.  My Work!  Could it be that all of my hidden thoughts and opinions for my entire life have not been so out of line?  Or could it be that my thought patterns and the things that I envision are igniting a new level of what is “socially acceptable?”  In either case, I have never been more grateful for the friends, family and, of course, my publisher than I am at this moment.

Thank you to all of my followers, old and new.  Your support in the wake of my debut release has been noticed, noted and cherished!  Volume II of The Adrian Trilogy will be released later this year with Volume III to follow soon after.  For those of you that love horror, and I do mean hardcore, to the bone, sleep with the light on horror, The Adrian Trilogy progresses as the tale matures.  Worthy of nightmares that will seek you out for years to come, Adrians’ Fury and Volume III (Adrian’s Legacy) will grip the reader long after the book is closed and sat onto a bookshelf to gather dust!

Uncensored, unrated and unbridled! The Adrian Trilogy sets a new standard of horror and gore sprinkled with the demonic inclinations of a long since past shade of evil, an evil that has not walked the earth since God himself commanded the first rays of the sun to touch it’s surface.