Adrian’s Fury

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Adrian’s Fury is the eagerly awaited sequel of To be His Soulmate and volume II of The Adrian Trilogy. This title defines the pace for The Adrian Trilogy series. The main characters, Adrian and Christian, exact revenge on those who have taken so much from them. Adrian comes into her own in this novel . . . full of fury and venom, she begins to master newly acquired Vampire abilities, which blend with her mortal born gifts.

Readers transform with Adrian as her human characteristics give way to a more sinister existence. Representing a new breed of Vampire born from the blood of an elder; Adrian possesses powers and abilities far more advanced than any of her kind.

Christian and Adrian find themselves at the helm of a Vampire revolution as clans divide and clash. This installment of The Adrian Trilogy places readers deep within Adrian’s thoughts as she evolves and strategically plots her revenge.

Adrian’s Fury is a fast paced continuation of To be His Soulmate, which draws the reader into a level of blood-lust, which have long since been forgotten in modern Vampire literature. And, when you are done with Adrian’s Fury, get your copy of Adrian’s Fury!

This title is receiving EXCELLENT reviews from readers among the vampire and horror genres. To learn more about this author and these titles, visit the publisher at, drop-down the fiction menu, look for the horror shelf and voila’ ~ find Lyn Gibson’s titles! Also, visit the “SERIES” menu on the navigation bar.

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Sexual content.

Readers ABSOLUTELY LOVE this title among both vampire and horror genres!

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