Adrian’s Legacy

“Adrian’s Legacy,” the earth-shaking conclusion to, “The Adrian Trilogy.” With its release, comes the blood-lust and vengeance Author Lyn Gibson’s fans expect. At this, the climax of “The Adrian Trilogy,” Adrian has fully acclimated to the ever intensifying powers evolving within her.

Woe be unto those who have all but extinguished her kind. Hell knows no fury like that of an angry female vampire who awakens in the ruins of a devastated society, trembling in shadows of rubble once known as her beloved home.

The world will come to order and evil will bow to a now resurrected and growing Vampire army. Adrian unites her race with an outcast human population. Together, with her, fury comes calling on what was once . . . the free world.

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Sexual content.

Readers ABSOLUTELY LOVE this title among both vampire and horror genres!

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